Transition Management

Spend heading serenely.

With us you are in the heart of your change.

A short introduction to our services and activities

Personalized interim management

The core of our business: personalized interim management dedicated to top and middle management.

Inside management is a pure player. The firm operates in France and abroad on missions lasting from 4 to 24 months. For companies based outside France, the offer of service is completed by 2 complementary areas of expertise which may be useful in a phase of interim.

  • État d'esprit d'équipe

Who we are

A complementary team to accompany you.

The inside management board consists of 5 executives with various and complementary backgrounds: 2 Associate Managers and 3 Associate Members of the Strategy Committee.


Who is our firm working for?

  • 40% small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 50% large international companies
  • 10% capital investors, shareholders

A total of 20% of the missions are carried out on behalf of international entities.

Our specificities

Our mindset and approach allow us to claim our special position in the interim management.

Founded in 2011, inside management is headed by partners operating for 15 years in this business.

All partners are shareholders of the firm.

Inside management is characterized by its pragmatic approach: each situation being different, the firm adjusts its interventional device permanently.

Inside management relies on a network of 400 certified managers, including 200 available to respond quickly on site.

Inside management apprehends the initial framing as the foundation stage of the mission.

The analysis of your situation allows us to select and present the appropriate profile in terms of skills and–above all–mindset.

The selected manager may intervene only a few days after the initial framing.

Throughout his mission, the manager remains in direct contact with one of our Associate Managers.

Likewise, follow-up meetings are scheduled regularly throughout the duration of the intervention.

At the end of the mission, the knowledge transfer is organized, evidenced by the report of the manager, containing the axes of effort to sustain after his departure.

  • Groupe de travail

Covered functions

  • Executive management, with mandatory options
  • Operating
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Supply chain
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and communication
  • Projects
  • Quality control
  • Support and assistance
  • Purchasing

Areas of intervention

  • Industry (mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, food-processing)
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Engineering and engineering offices
  • E-commerce and retail industry
  • Construction and public works
  • Transport and logistics
  • Services

Several types of missions

  • Growth crisis
  • Preparing for the acquisition or disposal of entities
  • Strategic development projects
  • Restructuring
  • Loss of confidence
  • Sudden departure of an executive manager

Our values


Inside management works exclusively in the interest of its contractors, in compliance with international laws and regulatory constraints.


Inside management service includes regular evaluation to ensure the achievement of objectives.

Pragmatism and humility

The managers of the firm are not “cowboys”. They undertake alongside the officer or shareholder, relying as much as possible on existing teams and taking into account the local context (culture, laws, regulations).

2 complementary areas of expertise

Managerial Assessment

Upstream of a mission project or investment, in order to calibrate the resources to implement or evaluate the adequacy between objectives and resources.

Secure recruitment

To ensure continuity in time of the processes involved during the mission, or strengthen existing teams.